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2013 News

posted Aug 10, 2013, 6:53 PM by Paul Wong   [ updated Feb 6, 2014, 8:30 AM by admin admin ]

HKSEIC 2013年度報告


2 Host RTHK SE Program interview Dr. Jane Lee and Food Angel, Ms. Gigi

3 Family Culture Association SE Board meeting

4 HKU Business School meeting

6 Creative Arts Intervention SE meeting

7 Hon. Guest to H.K. City Choir performance

8 CUHK Shaw College meeting

9 Shekkipmei Kai Fong Association meeting

10 Hon. Guest to Community Chest dinner

11 SKH All Saints Church meeting

16 Kamay Chicken proposed SE meeting

17 HKU Business School meeting

21 Public Relations SE meeting

24 NDH Patient Care Workers orientation day

25 Hon. Guest to H.K. Shue Yan U Academic Week closing ceremony

27 Playgroup SE meeting

28 SARDA meeting

29 HK SE Summit Power Lunch

30 Hon. Guest to CSD City U awards presentation ceremony

31 Hon. Facilitator to HKU SPACE SE Talk by Home Affairs Bureau Under
Secretary, Ms. Florence Hui

HK SE Summit Organizing Committee meeting


30 Sik Sik Yuen Meeting

27 Family Culture Association meeting

25 CUHK Shaw College meeting

24 HK SE Summit Kick-off ceremony

18 Hon. Host to RTHK SE Program

13 Patient Care Workers Tai Po Recruitment Day

8 CATSE meeting

6 Family Culture Association SE meeting

5 Postnatal Care Workers Mid-Autumn Festival party


31 Hon. Guest to 10th Regeneration Warriors Award

28 EOL SE meeting

27 Hon. Guest to IFOCAT Annual Dinner

26 Family Culture Board meting

24 Hon. Guest to United Social Entrepreneurship Conference

22 HKU SPACE SEES meeting

21 Hon. Co-Host to RTHK SE Program 1 - interview Dr. Darwin Chen

18 Hon. Guest to H.K. City Choir Concert

16 Hon. Guest to Shamshuipo Lions Club Annual Dinner

15 HK SE Summit OC meeting

13 Hon. Guest to TWEH "Music in Hospital" event

12 Beauty Care SE meeting

8 HK SE Summit Corporate Governance Committee meeting

6 Shek Kip Mei Kai Fong Association meeting

5 H.K. Society of Rehabilitation meeting

1 Patient Care Workers recruitment day


31 Shek Kip Mei Kai Fong Association meeting

30 Hon. Guest to Beauty Care & Hair Stylist Association 5th
Anniversary Dinner

25 Lunch invitation by PYNEH

24 Food Angel lunch meeting

17 Music Therapy practicum for QM Oncology Dept.

15 Chung Sing Benevolent Association meeting

12 Christian Action meeting

11 HK SE Summit Corporate Governance Committee meeting

5 Hon. Guest to BNI meting

2 CUHK Internship Presentation

2013 Jun

posted Jul 3, 2013, 7:21 PM by Paul Wong   [ updated Jul 3, 2013, 7:24 PM ]

28   Hon. Guest to BNI Annual Dinner
27   HKU SPACE Alumni Council meeting
26   Hon. Guest to Opening Ceremony of the CUHK-PWH Hybrid  Cardiovascular Operating Theatre
25   CUHK lecture
24   PRC vocational training school meeting
22   NDH "End of Life" Talk
21   HK SE Summit Organizing Committee meeting
20   Beauty Care SE meeting
18   CUHK lecture
17   EOL SE meeting
14   HKU SPACE SEES meeting
13   Hon. Guest to Monte Jade Association Annual Dinner
12   Music Therapy SE meeting
10   HKBU SE Creative Project meeting
  9   Expressive Arts Therapy SE meeting
  7   NDH meeting
  5   Touch SE meeting
  3   Helping Hand SE meeting
  2  Music@Community SE meeting

2013 May

posted May 30, 2013, 10:51 PM by Paul Wong



31 HKU Centre for Behavioral Health meeting

30 CUHK students visiting MentalCare Connect Co. Ltd.

29 CUHK students visiting Good Lab

28 PYNEH lunch

27 Lecturing at CUHK

24 Cycling SE meeting

HK City U meeting

19 Counseling SE meeting

18 Hon Guest Speaker to HKCT Forum

Hon. Guest to United Board 90th Anniversary Dinner

14 EOL SE meeting

13 Sik Sik Yuen meeting

12 EOL SE meeting

10 HKSAR Government Efficiency Unit meeting

Food Angel meeting

9 Hon. Guest to HKU Inter-University Forum on Social Entrepreneurship

HK SE Summit meeting

8 NDH meeting

6 WGO - CSR Seminar at KPMG

4 RTHK Social Enterprise Program production crew meeting

3 HKUST students Interview

St. James Settlement meeting

2 CUHK Centre for Civil Society Study Visiting Fellows meeting

2013 Apr

posted Apr 29, 2013, 8:00 PM by Paul Wong   [ updated May 30, 2013, 10:52 PM by Paul Wong ]



28 Interview by RTHK

27 Hon. Guest to H.K. Athletes Career & Education Program (HKACEP) Retired Athletes Career Certificate Presentation Ceremony

26 H.K. Shue Yan U students visit SCHSA

24 MPDA (Movie Produces & Distributors Association) / HKU SPACE meeting

     Lunch invitation by i-Dance

22 NDH meeting

19 Hon. Guest to H.K. Customs & Excise Department Intellectual Property Department and IPRPA "Creativity" Film Show

18 CUHK "Road to Social Entrepreneurship" students interview

16 Beauty Care SE meeting

15 Kitchen (incubating) SE meeting

14 Hon. Guest to H.K. City Choir Verdi's Concert

13 Guest to "Nuturing 21st Century Talents - The Way Forward CUHK & HKU"

     Hon. Guest to Fun Channel Annual Dinner

11 HK SE Summit Organizing Committee meeting

9 Food Angel (incubating) SE meeting

8 Hon. Guest to KU SPACE "Certificate in Entrepreneurship" graduation ceremony

6 Guest HKSAR Government Efficiency Unit "Social Innovation Exchange - UK Experience Forum"

5 HK SYU students visit Lohas Organic Farm SE

3 Lunch invitation by IFAGT

   PYNEH meeting

   Film Production (incubating) SE meeting

2 Music Therapy SE meeting

   EOL SE meeting

   CUHK students lunch invitation

   Secondary Schools Program Providers (incubating) SE meeting

2013 Mar

posted Apr 4, 2013, 11:10 AM by Paul Wong   [ updated Apr 29, 2013, 7:58 PM ]



28 Lunch with UCH

     TWEH meeting

     Hon. Guest to CUHK Shaw College General Education Awards Ceremony

26 Hon. Guest to HKCT Employers Lunch

Hon. Guest to VTC Annual Reception

25 Hon. Guest to CDI (Community Development Initiative) "Engagement with HAB - Government Policy on SE" forum

22 Music @ Community presentation to HK SYU students

21 Hon. Guest to HKUSPACE cocktail reception

20 PYNEH Music Therapy SE meeting

19 Interview by Guangdong Media on SE

18 Lunch invitation by CUHK / PWH

15 Hon. Guest to Fukien Secondary School Work Experience Placement Program Kick-off Ceremony

14 EOL SE meeting

13 QM Music SE meeting

8 Hon. Guest to Kaman Beauty Cente (Beauty Care SE partner) Annual Dinner

7 Hon. Guest Speaker to PYNEH "Walking in the Rain" project

   Hon. Guest to Kaman Beauty Centre Annual Dinner

6 Beauty Care SE meeting

5 Regeneration Society Board of Directors meeting

4 Hon. Guest to CUHK Centre for Civil Society Studies Forum

3 2013 Regeneration Warriors Selection Day

2 HK SE Summit Organizing Commitee dinner meeting

1 "Walking in the Rain" kick off ceremony - Lee Hysan Foundation / PYNEH; QM; TWEH

2013 Feb

posted Mar 2, 2013, 8:29 PM by Paul Wong



28 Hon. Guest to CUHK Shaw College General Education Scholarships Presentation Ceremony

27 Tai Po Nethersole Hospital meeting

25 Nail SE meeting

24 Hon. Guest to Peacemakers' Celebration Inaugural Ceremony cum Opening Concert

23 Hon. Guest to Regeneration Society Charity Fund Charity Walk

22 Hon. Guest to HA Spring gathering 2013

20 EOL SE meeting

8 Beauty Care SE meeting

7 Music Therapy SE meeting

5 HKU SPACE SEES meeting

4 Music Therapy SE meeting

2013 Jan

posted Feb 1, 2013, 8:50 AM by Paul Wong   [ updated Mar 2, 2013, 8:34 PM ]

31   Hon. Guest to TOYPA Annual Dinner officiating by HKSAR CE - Mr. C.Y. Leung
30   Hon. Guest to International Conference of Sign Linguistics and Deaf Education Asia 2013 Concert
29   HKU SPACE Alumni Council meeting 
       Hon. Guest to HKUST "Conversations on The Role of Social Enterrpises"
28   Music @ Community meeting  
25   H.K. Shue Yan U first "Road to Social Entrepreneurship" lecture 
24   Hon. Guest to Datatrade Limited 30th Anniversary Annual Dinner 
23   Hon. Guest to Mirror 2nd CSR Awards ceremony officiating by HKSAR CE - Mr. C.Y.Leung 
22   Music @ Community SE meeting 
21   HA HK East Cluster "cancer survivors serving cancer patients" project meeting
19   Hon. Guest Speaker to Neighbourhood & Work's Centre Kwai Chung Career Expo
16   Music @ Community SE meeting
       EOL SE meeting
       HK SE Summit OC meeting 
15   HK Baptist U Creative Project presentation supervision
       CUHK Centre for Sign Linguistics and Deaf Studies meeting
14   Fun Channel meeting 
11   Music @ Community SE meeting  
10   Touch Social Enterprise  (beauty care) meeting 
6     Hon. Officiating Guest to Yan Yan Music Education Tuen Mun New Branch Grand Opening Ceremony
4     PYNEH meeting
3     Music @ Community meeting
2     NDH meeting

2012 Dec

posted Jan 1, 2013, 7:50 AM by Paul Wong   [ updated Jan 1, 2013, 7:52 AM ]


28   Caritas Medical Centre (CMC) meeting

27   HKUST internship students briefing

24   PYNEH meeting

21   HKUST internship students meeting

20   Music @ Community event supported by iDance

19   Financial Planning SE meeting

18   TWEH meeting

17   Hon. Guest to HK Hair & Beauty Merchants Association Annual Dinner

15   Nail Specialist SE meeting

14   Guest Speaker for Sik Sik Yuen management

13   EOL SE meeting

12   Beauty Care SE meeting

  Playgroup SE lunch meeting

8    HKUST AIESEIC students meeting

7    Beauty Care SE meeting

6    PWH meeting

5    QM meeting

4    HKU SPACE Alumni AGM

3    Nail Specialist SE meeting

2    Hon. Guest to Kowloon City Old Folks Christian Ministry Christmas Bazaar

1    Hon. Guest presenting souvenior to HK SE Summit Academic Session speakers
- Prof. Joeseph Sung
- Prof. John Burns

2012 Nov

posted Dec 1, 2012, 6:58 PM by Paul Wong   [ updated Dec 1, 2012, 7:02 PM ]


30   Hon. Guest to HK SE Summit "Dinner to Remember - Dialogue with Leading Social Entrepreneurs"

29   PYNEH lunch invitation

       Hon. Guest to HK SE Summit Grand Opening

28   BB SE meeting

27   nterview HKUST students for HKSEIC MT Program

26   Playgroup SE meeting

       Interview by Fun Channel

      PYNEH meeting

24   Nail Specialist SE meeting

23   Guest Speaker to Sik Sik Yuen management meeting

22   Alice Ho Mui Ling Nethersole Hospital meeting

21   Hon. Guest to Mirror CSR Forum

20   Beauty Care SE meeting

       Neighbour & Workers Education Centre meeting

19   PYNEH meeting

18   Hon. Guest to HK SE Summit Kick-off Ceremony

17   HKUST CEN internship students interview

16   Dinner invitation by The Society of Rehabilitation & Crime Prevention, HK

15   HK Baptist U Creative Project presentation

14   Beauty Care SE meeting

13   Lunch invitation by HK Federation of Women Lawyers

       PWH / HK BU "Music in Hospital" meeting

12   Music @ Commumity SE meeting

      HK SE Summit Organizing Committee meeting

11   Interview CEN HKUST Chapter internship students

10   Hon. Guest to HK SE Summit SABD (small action big difference) Graduation Ceremony

      Hon. Guest Speaker to HKUST Business School students

8   HK Baptist U Music Department meeting

7   PYNEH meeting

6   Lunch invitation by Playgroup SE

5   Nail Specialist SE meeting

3   Hon. Guest Speaker to CEN (China Entrepreneurship Network) HKUST Chapter

2   Hon. Speaker for HKU "Academic-Medical-Social Enterprise Collaboration" Press Conference

1   End of Life SE meeting

2012 Oct

posted Oct 31, 2012, 10:33 AM by Paul Wong   [ updated Oct 31, 2012, 10:34 AM ]

31    HKU SPACE Alumni Council meeting
30    Beauty Care SE meeting
29    Hon. Guest to HK SE Summit NGO Heads Power Lunch 
26    Beauty Care SE meeting
25    Hon. Guest to HKU-HKJC  Excel Symposium on My Value, My Philanthropy
24    CUHK meeting
22    HK Baptist U Music Department meeting
20    Hon. Guest to Stewards 50th Anniversary Dinner
19    Hon. Guest to Drucker Management Forum
18    Hon. Guest to HKU "Faith & Global Engagement" Dinner 
17    Beauty Care SE meeting
16    Music @ Community meeting 
15    HK SE Summit Organizing Committee meeting
11    Hon. Guest to HK Real Estate Association celebrating 63rd National Day Dinner
        HK Baptist U Creative Project at Fanling Kindergarten
10    Lunch invitation by HKUST
9      Lunch invitation by PWH
8      Lunch invitation by NDH
6      Hon. Guest to HK PHAB 40th Anniversary Dinner
5      Nails Specialist SE meeting     
4      Music @ Community SE meeting
3      End Of Life SE meeting

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